Purpose and Responsibilities of the Treasurerpiggy_bank

Every PTA needs a treasurer to manage and supervise all of the financial aspects of a PTA. A treasurer has a broad range of responsibilities including:

PTA bylaws contain some of the specific responsibilities of a treasurer, and other responsibilities are specified in district or state PTA procedure manuals and brochures. National PTA provides this Quick Reference Guide to complement local, district and state materials.

Traits of an Ideal Treasurer:

  • Excellent Integrity
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong organizational skills
  • A background in accounting practices and procedures
  • Knowledge of volunteer and nonprofit financial management
  • In-depth knowledge of PTA and its mission and objectives

Your Initial Tasks as Treasurer Include:

  • Making sure the proper Form 990 has been filed for the previous year and the PTA is in good standing with the IRS and other government authorities.
  • Making sure that the books have been audited for the previous year before accepting them.
  • Ensuring the proper and complete transition of files and records, including the permanent records from the retiring treasurer. Ask about missing records at once.
  • Becoming familiar with the duties outlined and any references to finances and budget in the PTA bylaws.
  • Working with the outgoing treasurer to secure the signatures of new officers authorized to sign checks, and filing the signature cards with the bank.
  • Checking on bonding and liability procedures.
  • Studying this Quick Reference Guide and relevant areas of

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Forms for Treasurers:


Before Leaving Office Checklist

Cash Counting Sheet for Events

Duties of the Treasurer

Financial Audit Procedure

Finance E-Banking Best Practices

Financial Management Checklist

Finance Quick Reference Guide 2016-2017

Fraud Prevention Checklist

Idaho Non-Profits and Churches Tax Guide

Idaho State Tax Commission Publication 51

Instructions IRS Form 990 N

Letter to Clarify Schools vs PTA

Local Unit Treasurer Deadlines

PTA Treasurer’s File

Records Retention Schedule

Re-seller Permit

Sample Annual Treasurer’s Report

Sample Audit Form

Sample Budget

Sample Credit Card Policy

Sample Financial Review Form

Sample Monthly Treasurer’s Report

Sample Receipt Forms