Duties of Secretary:

  • Prepare minutes to be approved and agendas for all meetings.
  • The secretary’s main responsibility is to keep accurate records of the proceedings of the association.
  • Keeping secure official record including all originals of approved of the unit’s minutes, current bylaws, standing rules, and membership lists


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  1. Prepare the minutes promptly after the meeting using the agenda as a guide and distribute to pertinent individuals. Always include the President.
  1. Record the type of meeting (committee, executive, board, etc.), time, date, place, the full name and title of the presiding officer, and the presence of a quorum. Monthly meetings with your membership are considered board meetings.
  1. Note that previous meeting minutes were “approved” or “approved as corrected”.
  1. Note corrections to the minutes on the original copy. Use your side margins to make corrections and initial and date. It is preferable to make corrections in red ink.
  1. Record the full name of anyone giving a report, and only a summary of the report OR indicate that a written copy is attached.
  1. The treasurer’s report is filed for audit and attached. Include the current balance in your minutes.
  1. Enter motions and amendments in the exact wording as stated by the chair and the exact wording of the motion as adopted. To help you accomplish this, place motion forms on the table for use during the meeting. Keep the written original motion form with the minutes. Do not record withdrawn motions, or any motion that has not been stated by the chairman. Don’t use motion forms if the motion is short and can be written in your notes word for word. State whether a motion was adopted or failed.
  1. Record all counted votes, both for and against.
  1. Record the names of committee appointments and nominees.
  1. Record all appeals including the rulings by the chair.
  1. Include the category of business, (new, unfinished. Never call it old business.)
  1. Do not record debate and discussion unless the assembly so orders. Never record personal opinions, or descriptive phrases. Words of praise or criticism are recorded only as adopted by a motion.
  1. Identify any letters read and any action taken.
  1. Include the time of adjournment, and sign the minutes with “submitted by” and your full name and title. Write “approved as written” or “approved as amended” and initial & date at time of approval.
  2. Minutes are a permanent record of the local PTA unit and need to be kept forever.
  1. Carry at least a year’s worth of minutes to each meeting in case they need to be referred to. All minutes of your organization should be organized and easily accessible. You should maintain a digital and paper copy of minutes.

Forms for Secretaries:

Basic Responsibilities of the Secretary

Board Basic Responsibilities Checklist

Local Unit Calendar Checklist

Local Unit Uniform Bylaws

Local Unit Standing Rules Template

Meeting Tips

Sample Meeting Minutes

Sample Meeting Agenda

Sample Goal Planning Guide

Sample Plan of Work

Standards of Affiliation