PTA and Elections

Election Guides

These helpful manuals explain what nonprofits can and cannot do around elections, ballot measures, town halls, candidate forums and other election activities.

  • Hosting a Candidate Forum (PDF): An in-depth guide with step-by-step instructions on planning a candidate forum, including what nonprofits can and cannot do.


Nonprofit VOTE has created a series of webinars to explain the ins and outs of nonprofit election activities.

Additional Resources

  • PTA Election Guide 101 (PPT): A helpful power point presentation that outlines the basics of nonpartisan voter engagement and how PTAs can effectively promote election activities in their communities.
  • Voting In Your State: A state-by-state guide produced by Nonprofit VOTE that provides up to date information from state election officials on state election policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Candidate Lookup: Find out who is running in this year’s election in your district and state.
  • Nonprofit VOTE has a wealth of election related resources for you to browse through.