Parliamentary Procedure

Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules for conducting orderly meetings that accomplish goals fairly.

Benefits of parliamentary procedure include the following:




Basics for Presidents

There should only be one motion on the floor at a time. People must speak to the motion on the floor. Do not lose control of the meeting by letting the conversation get sidetracked.

  • Ask for a motion. It is easier to focus conversation if your PTA starts with a motion. Then discussion can be channeled around pros and cons as the group explores one idea at a time. Motions make people focus on an issue. Making a motion forces people to get the crux of the issue early.
  • Do not be afraid of parliamentary procedure, but do not use it as a weapon. Your role is to facilitate discussion and help people participate in discussion. Use parliamentary procedure to make sure everyone gets heard, no one dominates, and ideas are fully explored before majority rules through voting.

To help you and your board feel comfortable with Parliamentary Procedure and use it effectively, consider taking the Parliamentary Procedure e-learning course.

Visit the Robert’s Rules of Order website at

Keep a copy of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised on hand during meetings (designated in the bylaws as the form of parliamentary procedure followed by PTA).

Click Here to take National PTA’s e-Learning course on Parliamentary Procedure.