Idaho PTA requires all local units to carry liability insurance. 

PTA’s in Idaho are eligible for a reduced group rate through AIM Insurance.

AIM Insurance covers your unit in the following ways:

  • Provides protection against lawsuits if someone was injured at one of your organization’s activities and held you responsible.
  • It provides medical coverage only (no coverage for a lawsuit) for injuries sustained at one of your organization’s activities.
  • Covers anyone who your organization trusts with the money whether it’s a President, Treasurer, board member, volunteer, or courier (replaces embezzled funds).
  • Protects your raffle merchandise, auction items and fundraising supplies while it is in your possession. This policy also protects any personal property of your organization such as popcorn machines, snow cone makers, school store supplies, emergency relief supplies, and more.
  • Protects the officers of your organization against lawsuits for “wrongful acts” i.e. mismanagement, misrepresentations, dissemination of false or misleading information, or inappropriate actions.

The AIM Insurance Application and the $125.00 payment are due to Idaho PTA by November 1st of each year.

1655 W Fairview, Ste. 109 Boise, Id 83702

The Certificate of Insurance will be mailed directly to your unit by AIM.


If your unit receives a renewal notice from AIM please DISREGARD

and continue to mail in the completed ORIGINAL APPLICATION FORM to Idaho PTA