Bylaws and Standing Rules

bylawsWhat’s the Difference?


Bylaws are the rules the local unit must follow to maintain compliance with the State and National PTA. They are the same for all PTA units in the state.

How are changes made? The Local Unit Uniform Bylaws are set by the general membership of the state organization, changes to the LUUB’s can only be made at the Idaho State PTA Convention, held annually each spring.  Any proposed changes to the LUUB’s must be submitted to the Idaho PTA Bylaws committee for review in writing postmarked by October 1st.

Who should have copies of the bylaws?
All officers should be familiar with the local unit bylaws. The entire board should have a copy of your current bylaws. Upon request, copies should be made available to all members. Any member has a right to view them.


Bylaws provide the following important information:

  • Purposes of the local unit
  • Basic policies
  • Standards of affiliation (to maintain good standing with the state and national organizations)
  • Membership and dues
  • Officers and election procedures
  • Duties of officers
  • Parliamentary authority


Standing RulesStanding Rules

Local Unit Standing Rules are the operational rules set by the local unit using the provided template. They provide the structure of the local unit board, information on required meeting dates and other information necessary for the unit to function. Standing Rules are adopted and amended by a vote of your unit’s members at the first general meeting of the year. Your Local Unit Standing Rules  may not conflict with the National PTA Bylaws or the Idaho State PTA Bylaws.

How are changes made?  The standing rules may be amended at any time by a majority of the members present if a quorum has been established and prior notice (30 days) to amend standing rules was given. If no notice was given, and a quorum is established, a 2/3 majority vote of the members present is needed.

Who should have a copy?  The entire board should have a copy of your current bylaws. Upon request, copies should be made available to all members.


Standing Rules provide the following important information:

  • The structure of the local unit board and standing committees
  • Information on required meeting dates (may include how meeting notification is given)
  • Membership dues
  • Bank signatures
  • Nominating committee formation
  • How and when to conduct elections
  • Dates for the fiscal year
  • Requirements of a quorum for conducting business

Why are these documents password protected?

Idaho PTA’s Local Unit Uniform Bylaws and Local Unit Standing Rules template are password protected because access to these documents is one of the many benefits of being a PTA as opposed to an “unaffiliated parent group” or PTO.  As a PTA you don’t have to worry about creating your own rules and regulations from scratch.  PTA has a plethora of experienced individuals who have created these documents and have ensured they are aligned with state and national laws as well as policies and guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service.  We have done the work for you!

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