• Celebrating Arts & Humanities through the School of Excellence
    National PTA and the School of Excellence program recognize that schools and PTAs can take an active role in supporting of arts education. Throughout the country, arts education programming is being slashed, leaving all students, artists or not, without a creative outlet to explore their own experiences and identities. Understanding this, some of our School of Excellence participants take up the mantle of supporting the arts in their school communities no matter how difficult. In honor of their hard work and Arts & Humanities month, let us explore how some of the 2019-2021 School of Excellence designees used ... read more
    Published on 2020-09-23By Ellie Miller
  • How to Get the Technology Your Local PTA Needs
    The first question we often hear at National PTA is … are PTAs allowed to spend PTA dollars on technology? The answer is a resounding YES. Your local PTA is a membership association and a non-profit business. PTAs can budget for, and spend money on, any technology that will be used by the PTA. This year, PTAs across the country must pivot to the new reality of the business world during the COVID-19 pandemic. That means figuring out how to run your PTA either partially, or fully, virtual. This pivot will benefit your PTA well beyond the pandemic as well. It is important to note that many of the below items ... read more
    Published on 2020-09-18By Linda Johnson
  • Show Your PTA Value to Sustain and Grow Your Membership
    This school year will be a year like no other in PTA history. All of us must look at how we PTA in a different way. You may have heard the phrase “PTA flexible.” This is the year to show PTA flexible in action across everything we do. Just like schools have had to pivot, so do PTAs. You don’t need a building to PTA. PTA is needed now more than ever. Many parents are feeling disconnected and disengaged from their school and community. PTAs can make those connections and rebuild the school community. To do this, PTAs ... read more
    Published on 2020-09-16By Suzan Yungner
  • Family Safety with Uber
    Using Uber With Family? Health & Safety Tips To Keep In Mind As cities start to recover and reopen and kids go back to school whether in-person or virtually, many families are relying on rideshare and delivery apps like Uber and Uber Eats. Whether it’s going to an appointment, helping your college student move around campus, or ordering lunch or dinner while working from home – we want Uber to continue being a convenient option that makes safety a top priority for parents, caregivers and families. For the past two years, Uber has been collaborating with the National ... read more
    Published on 2020-09-14By Uber
  • Back to School with YouTube Kids and YouTube Learning
    For my family, Back to School usually means a final hurrah trip to the beach with my three sons before summer’s end, a parental attempt to readjust their sleep clocks to something reasonable (time to go to bed! time to wake up!), and fresh haircuts to start the first day just right. This year looks a lot different as COVID-19 has continued to keep us all at home and school online. Like many of you, our house feels a little more crowded as it acts as a school, a workplace, and a home. Some days are easier than ... read more
    Published on 2020-09-11By Malik Ducard
  • Increasing Family Engagement in Diverse Schools
    I know first hand what it is like to grow up as an English-language learner and saw what a difference it made to have parents who were able to connect and engage with teachers. On a very personal level I understood what we now know from decades of academic research: That family engagement is the key to greater learning outcomes. As an adult, I have made it my life’s purpose to remove the barriers to family engagement. In 2015, I founded TalkingPoints, a non-profit whose mission is to drive student success by unlocking  the potential of families to ... read more
    Published on 2020-08-26By Heejae Heejae Lim
  • Announcing our Newest Proud National PTA Sponsor… BAND!
    Just in time for the start of this unusual and challenging school year, BAND has signed on to become National PTA’s newest Proud National Sponsor. Band is a free app that helps facilitate and improve two-way communication for groups. Over 40 million groups and 8 million coaches, teachers & leaders are already using BAND, including youth sports teams, small businesses, schools, and other groups. It turns out that BAND may be a perfect match for many PTAs, too—especially now. “Technology like BAND is helping to make it more convenient for families to be involved in their children’s education ... read more
    Published on 2020-08-21By admin
  • Life360 Location Sharing Saved My Injured Son
    Our guest blogger David has been a Life360 member for the past two years. Here, he shares how he used the family safety app when their outdoorsy summer vacation took an unexpected turn. I wanted to take my kids on one last summer adventure before the new school year began. We woke everyone up early in the morning, packed the car, and drove three hours north to a town with a popular ATV park. My wife and I both grew up ATVing, and enjoyed sharing it with our two sons over the years. This particular park was our favorite ... read more
    Published on 2020-08-12By Life360
  • Meet the 2019 Phoebe Apperson Hearst Winner
    This summer, National PTA honored Mark Twain Elementary PTA in Lawndale, California with the Phoebe Apperson Hearst Award for Outstanding Family-School Partnership. This award is given to top National PTA School of Excellence designees for demonstrating outstanding success in engaging families in student success and school improvements. Mark Twain Elementary PTA proved again and again to be incredibly deserving of the designation and this award. Their work throughout the School of Excellence program truly highlighted the positive impacts that can be achieved with hard work and dedication to strengthening family-school partnership. Mark Twain Elementary PTA began their work in ... read more
    Published on 2020-08-10By Ellie Miller
  • Help Protect your Family as Businesses Begin to Reopen
    Important tips to follow if your family decides to make an outing As restaurant, retail businesses and other family-centric locations – like amusement parks – across the country begin to reopen, you may wonder how to best protect yourself and loved ones from getting sick if you decide to dine out or run some extra errands. While there is risk involved with any public outing, following the below guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can help reduce the spread of COVID-19. If your family decides to venture outside the home and into public spaces, Lysol® and ... read more
    Published on 2020-08-10By Ferran Rousaud
  • At Home Activities for Summer 2020
    Summer may look and feel a little different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you and your family can’t still have fun and make the most of the season. Though some vacations may be postponed and children’s day camps may be closed, there are still plenty of activities to do with your children from home that are sure to keep them entertained and smiling. Now more than ever, it is important to continue practicing and teaching healthy habits to your children. Lysol® and National PTA suggest the following social distancing activities for a fun, and more importantly, safe, ... read more
    Published on 2020-07-15By Ferran Rousaud
  • How School of Excellence Participants Supported Their Communities During Quarantine
    By enrolling in the School of Excellence program, PTAs make a commitment to transforming family engagement and building meaningful connections in their school communities. National PTA points to our participating School of Excellence participants as true leaders in strengthening family-school partnerships and, as such, these PTAs are often presented exclusive opportunities. As part of our relief efforts, and in partnership with our generous sponsor TikTok, National PTA awarded $5000 in emergency relief grants to 110 PTAs across 28 State PTA Congresses who were actively participating in the 2019-20 School of Excellence program when the pandemic hit. That’s a total ... read more
    Published on 2020-06-26By Amy Weinberg
  • How to Make Joining PTA Easy
    Now more than ever, people want to connect with each other and know what is happening at their child’s school. Your PTA can fulfill the universal need to connect and belong, during this dark time. You should seek to not only renew current members, but to reach out to new audiences, grow your PTA and build an even stronger community. Actions, such as reaching out just to check in on someone’s well-being, build real engagement with current and future PTA members. We need to think about membership differently. Traditionally, many PTAs have membership tables at several school or PTA ... read more
    Published on 2020-06-16By Suzan Yungner
  • The Importance of Daily Recess When Schools Return From COVID-19 Lockdowns
    Over the past few months, parents have been faced with the seemingly impossible tasks of sheltering in place, working from home or at essential jobs, and homeschooling their children; all while managing the emotional, logistical, and financial challenges that have come with the recent global pandemic. As we look forward to the fall, schools are developing plans for how to resume public education while adhering to best practice recommendations from public health officials. Although recess is often elementary students’ favorite time of the school day, currently, there is limited discussion about recess in school re-opening. Recess is more than ... read more
    Published on 2020-06-12By William Massey and Rebecca London
  • Congratulations, 2019-2020 Reflections Outstanding Interpretation Winners!
    On May 1, National PTA announced the 2019-2020 Reflections winners for the student-selected theme Look Within. Over 200 students across 40 State PTA Congresses were recognized for their achievements in Dance Choreography, Film Production, Literature, Music Composition, Photography and Visual Arts. Seven students were named Outstanding Interpretation winners, which is the highest achievement in the Reflections program. We are very proud of these students and would like to share their work, artist statements and creative processes. Makenna Miller – Dance Choreography Makenna is from Missouri and choreographed a dance she calls “Look Within.” In her artist statement, she says, “In ... read more
    Published on 2020-06-04By Hope Cagle